[Mono-list] About GKT# GUI Desinger

Brent 'Dax' Royal-Gordon brent at brentdax.com
Fri Oct 14 01:33:23 EDT 2005

Gayan Perera <gayanper at gmail.com> wrote:
>  i'm not familiar with GTK#.is there a GTK# GUI desinger for MonoDevelop or
> to run on Win32 ?

>From what I've seen, the tool you want is Glade, which will generate
an XML file you can then load at runtime to create your forms.  Glade
isn't part of MonoDevelop or Mono itself; it's a stand-alone program. 
A quick look at Google and Glade's home page suggests there are
Windows ports, although I don't know how good they are.

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