[Mono-list] Server crash when compiling Mono

Bernhard Herzog schwimmlehrer at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 14:23:37 EDT 2005


This might not really be a Mono problem, but maybe a Linux expert here on 
the list can give me some hints: I have created a chat application using 
Mono, and have rented a root server in Germany to host it (PIII 1 GHz 256 MB 
RAM). The application runs fine, but when I try to compile Mono on the 
server (from SVN), the server crashes after some time compiling (without a 
message in /var/log/messages, the command "last" shows "crash"). I don't 
know exactly if the server was out of swap space last time it happened, but 
the main memory was almost used up (but maybe that's the way Mono uses 
memory). So may question is: Can Mono crash a Linux server when being 
compiled? Or must there be a hardware problem.

My provider agreed to replace the server (even though he did not find a 
hardware problem using some diagnostic tools), but I am just curious what 
the problem could be to avoid it next time (maybe it's my fault?).


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