[Mono-list] newbie: using mono for Web Services

Ivano Luberti luberti at archicoop.it
Wed Oct 12 09:54:53 EDT 2005

Thanks Steven : it seems I have reached the right place.

At 05.05 12/10/2005, Steven Bell wrote:
>I am using mono to develop several web services. One project is 
>returning mostly DataSets (.net constructs) and the main program 
>calling the web service is a C# app written in Visual Studio 2005. 
>The web service is Mono 1.8 on Fedora Core 4. There was no problem 
>handing data around between the two.
>Another project is using a Mono web service to call another web 
>service (windows 2000 .net) as well as running Stored procedures 
>over ODBC on an AS400, SQL queries to a MS SQL server 200, and 
>function calls to PostgreSQL.
>I have often developed the WS on Mono/Linux and the client app on a 
>windows machine using .net. I haven't had any real problems with it yet.
>Ivano Luberti wrote:
>>Hi, I have just installed Mono 1.9.1 and started reading docs and 
>>articles about it.
>>I have also installed XSP to try the .NET features.
>>I'm writing to ask you all an opinion about using mono in a project 
>>I'm invoved into.
>>My company has to develop a software that has to consume a Web 
>>Service developed in .NET.
>>We want to develop it using Java on a Linux box.
>>Since we are not guaranteed that the target web service has been 
>>developed using interopaerability guidelines and it delivers really complex
>>data structures we are planning to develop a .NET Web Service 
>>client to get the data and make the transaltion into data 
>>structures that complie with guidelines like the one produced by 
>>This was leading us to develop our software using a Miscrosoft OS 
>>(Windows 2003 server) unitl we recognized the mono existence.
>>Our biggest concern using mono is that the target WS is developed 
>>in .NET on Microsoft platforms and  they keep themselves extremely 
>>up to date with Microsoft new releases. Obviously they state to 
>>guarantee backward compatibility but.....
>>As I stated before I'm trying to use mono on my own but before 
>>going too far I would appreciate an opinion by long time users.
>>Thank in advance to everyone was patient enough to read my help request.
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