[Mono-list] Re: Cannot find '60625.dll'

Ben Clewett ben at roadrunner.uk.com
Wed Oct 12 08:50:51 EDT 2005

Hi Robert and other Mono experts,

This sounds right, this is likely.

I may have some daemon running which caused this, a periodic deletion of 
this directory.

Are there any ways of overcoming this?

Like defining a local tmp directory and asking Mono to use that.  Or 
asking Mono to recompile assemblies when they are missing?


Ben Clewett.

Robert Jordan wrote:
> Hi,
>> My Apache2 has reported this error when I attempt to access a 
>> WebService in Mono.  After working perfectly for several weeks:
>> Server error in '/' application
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
>> Cannot find '60625.dll'.
>> Description: Error processing request.
>> Error Message: HTTP 404. Cannot find '60625.dll'.
>> Does this mean anything to anybody?
> A cron job has probably deleted the /tmp/<your-wwwuser>-temp-aspnet/
> folder. This folder contains cached assemblies generated from
> your aspx files.
> Rob
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