[Mono-list] newbie: using mono for Web Services

Ivano Luberti luberti at archicoop.it
Tue Oct 11 05:48:23 EDT 2005

Hi, I have just installed Mono 1.9.1 and started reading docs and 
articles about it.
I have also installed XSP to try the .NET features.
I'm writing to ask you all an opinion about using mono in a project 
I'm invoved into.

My company has to develop a software that has to consume a Web 
Service developed in .NET.
We want to develop it using Java on a Linux box.
Since we are not guaranteed that the target web service has been 
developed using interopaerability guidelines and it delivers really complex
data structures we are planning to develop a .NET Web Service client 
to get the data and make the transaltion into data structures that 
complie with guidelines like the one produced by http://www.ws-i.org/

This was leading us to develop our software using a Miscrosoft OS 
(Windows 2003 server) unitl we recognized the mono existence.

Our biggest concern using mono is that the target WS is developed in 
.NET on Microsoft platforms and  they keep themselves extremely up to 
date with Microsoft new releases. Obviously they state to guarantee 
backward compatibility but.....

As I stated before I'm trying to use mono on my own but before going 
too far I would appreciate an opinion by long time users.

Thank in advance to everyone was patient enough to read my help request.

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