[Mono-list] Re: Problem with mod_mono

Nimrod A. Abing nimrod.abing at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 05:11:18 EDT 2005

Replying to myself. I found and fixed the problem.

It seems that when you restart apache, it does not kill all the
mod-mono-server.exe processes that have been spawned by mod_mono
during startup. So I had to do:

# killall mono

after before restarting apache. Apparently, upon apache restart,
mod_mono hands out request to the still running (and in my case
misconfigured, pointing to a non-existent document root directory)

Is the above described behavior a bug or a feature?

On 10/10/05, Nimrod A. Abing <nimrod.abing at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I just finished setting up mod_mono using the latest source tarball
> but I am having problems.
> Here are the URLs:
> http://aspx.philweavers.net/index.aspx
> http://aspx.philweavers.net/Service1.asmx
> This is on a Plesk managed virtual hosting setup running Redhat
> Enterprise Server 3. I have the following installed:
> mono-core-
> mono-data-
> mono-web-
> Because the mod_mono rpm kept segfaulting (httpd is a custom package
> provided by Plesk), I built it from the source tarball and installed
> it as instructed in the INSTALL file.
> Here are the relevant lines from the httpd configuration file for the
> virtual host:
>         MonoApplications default
> "/:/home/httpd/vhosts/philweavers.net/subdomains/aspx/httpdocs"
>         MonoDocumentRootDir
> "/home/httpd/vhosts/philweavers.net/subdomains/aspx/httpdocs"
>         MonoServerPath "/usr/lib/xsp/2.0/mod-mono-server2.exe"
>         <Location />
>                 SetHandler mono
>         </Location>
> I tried everything. Including setting directory permissions for
> "others" to rx for the path leading to the document root. I am not
> quite sure what the problem really is.
> Thanks in advance.
> --
> _nimrod_a_abing_
> v1sw5CPJYUhw5ln3pr8OUSck6ma8u7LBw3DWNTm5g/l7DaIs7Rr4e6t5Xb4Op1en3g5RZAHC



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