[Mono-list] Problems to use monologue

enzo - Eduardo Garcia enzo at enzolutions.com
Fri Oct 7 19:51:09 EDT 2005

Hi list.

i want use monologue to syndicate blogs to team members of project Open 
BSS [1]  but when im edit my bloggers.xml file and add some rss address 
from blogspot and my owner blog monologue crash.

this its my bloggers.xml file.

        <Blogger Name="Christian Castillo" 
IrcNick="MonoChristian" />
        <Blogger Name="enzo - Eduardo Garcia" 
RssUrl="http://www.enzolutions.com/mono/rss.xml" IrcNick="enzo" 

and when im run monologue this is the error:

enzo at enzojitan:~/monologue/worker$ make run
mono --debug monologue-worker.exe bloggers.xml 
../../website/openbss/monologue/index.rss --verbose
Getting http://christianmce.blogspot.com/atom.xml
Getting http://www.enzolutions.com/mono/rss.xml
Downloaded: 2
Updated: 0
Cached: 0
CachedButError: 0
Error: 0
Error making HTML_OUTPUT: System.InvalidOperationException: Can't close 
RssWriter without first writing a channel.
in <0x00085> Rss.RssWriter:Close ()
in <0x001e6> Rss.RssFeed:write (Rss.RssWriter writer)
in <0x0002d> Rss.RssFeed:Write (System.String fileName)
in [0x002d1] (at /home/enzo/monologue/worker/monologue-worker.cs:144) 
MonologueWorker:RunOnce (), plese check your BLOGGERS_FILE
enzo at enzojitan:~/monologue/worker$

but my rss file This is a valid RSS feed. and another blog its a rss 
file from blogspot so i guees its a valid rss too.

check here 

i talk with Ben Mauer and he say me maybe  i need make some fix to RSS 
namespace, but this namespace is inside rss.net.dll file and the svn 
sources file dont have sources to this library, i dont understand why.

someone here maybe can help me to help fix monologue or say when what 
matter in my rss fiel or show me when i can found source to this dll.

thanks a lot.

Eduardo Garcia.


[1] htp://www.openbss.org

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