[Mono-list] Migrating ASP.NET

Pedro Santos donbonifacio.general at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 04:39:59 EDT 2005


We are migrating our larger web application [1] from a Windows/IIS/MS SQL 
Server to Linux/Mono/PostgreSQL. Note that our application incorporates other 
two applications: flexwiki[2] and yaf[3]. We already have all this working 
very fine on Mono but we are two programmers, so we would like some advice on 
the administrantion part. :-)

The server available to us, uses Plesk and apache. However, they said that 
Plesk does not like that someone messes around with the apache configuration. 
Does anyone has experience with Plesk/apache/mod_mono that can give us some 

The other option is simply using XSP. At this moment is there any reason why 
we should not use XSP? I've been using XSP for a while and I like it a lot. 
However, it seems that XSP does not create logs (like apache does, so that 
stats apps can operate over them). Any hints on this issue?

Is there any reading material regarding this kind of migration and setting up 
the server? Thanks.

[1] http://orionsbelt.zi-yu.com
[2] http://flexwiki.com
[3] http://yetanotherforum.net

Pedro Santos

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