[Mono-list] Mono.Security.Protocol.Tls and Microsoft's CLR

Brent 'Dax' Royal-Gordon brent at brentdax.com
Thu Oct 6 14:54:49 EDT 2005

I'm looking at writing a cross-platform (and cross-runtime) app in C#
which requires a TLS (SSL) socket.  But in Microsoft's typical
fashion, they've omitted this from their .Net class library.  It looks
like Mono.Security has a class to handle TLS connections, but I have a
few questions:

  * Does Mono.Security.Protocol.Tls do what I think it does?
  * Is it one of the libraries covered under the LGPL?  Are there any
licensing issues that would preclude me from distributing it to users
and using it with Microsoft's CLR?  (Note that I haven't decided how
I'm licensing my code.  GPL or another open license may be a
possibility, but I'm not sure yet.)
  * Is the implementation Mono-specific?  Are there technical issues
that would keep me from using it with Microsoft's CLR?
  * Could this be handled by simply putting Mono.Security.dll in my
program's directory?  Would there be any problem dealing with root
  * If for whatever reason using Mono.Security isn't an option, does
anyone know of a library I could use for this?

Thanks for any advice.
Brent 'Dax' Royal-Gordon <brent at brentdax.com>
Perl and Parrot hacker (most of the time)

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