[Mono-list] mono/asp.net/apache integration

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Tue Oct 4 16:02:57 EDT 2005


> I wonder if there are any plans to integrate mono fully with apache, 
> IMHO this: http://www.apacheworld.org/modmono/
> is not a viable solution for deploying mono in a web hosting environment
> due to the explicit configuration for "applications". I.e. not using
> the already sufficient configurations made in apache. 

That web site is fairly old, in fact, two years old, the best source of
information today is:


> And even so:
> "Only one MonoApplication directive is currently allowed." <-- not possible to do vhosts?

No longer the case.

> I would like it to work like it does on windows with IIS - i.e. all Vhosts in Apache
> should have mono enabled, and it builds code-behind when needed and puts it in 
> DocumentRoot/_bin/ or whatever.. The rest should just run.. 
> Is this possible? is it planned? 

We have been discussing that particular issue, and as soon as we have
some spare cycles we will have a setup that will work that way.

In fact your recommendation is interesting, because we were struggling
with a way of doing it.

The reason we are struggling has to do with things like the user
directories, how do we determine the toplevel Global.asax and web.config
for an arbitrary directory structure?

> Thanks for your time, I'd really like to see this happening :)
> Jonathan Wallmander,
> Volvo Information Technology
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