[Mono-list] Printing with Mono

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Tue Oct 4 03:56:36 EDT 2005

MS has the System.Drawing.Printing namespace. However, it's currently not 
implemented in Mono and it will rely on Cairo's Postscript support.


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Date: Monday, 03 October, 2005 22:35
Subject: [Mono-list] Printing with Mono

>Can anyone give me advice on the preferred means of printing with Mono.
>I think f-spot uses GnomePrint. I've used the itextsharp library to
>create PDF. Cairo looks like it could be the best bet, but both
>Postscript and PDF are "in development" so it's not ready for prime
>I rarely used MS platform, so I'm too sure if there is an API for
>printing. I can't see anything in "C# in a Nutshell".
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