[Mono-list] Memory usage of mod_mono

Mohamed Hegazy mhegazy at os-sp.com
Tue Oct 4 00:50:00 EDT 2005

Regarding the post [Mono-list] Memory usage of mod_mono by  Mark Prins (DSL AK);

We've written a web application using mono,
 mod_mono Apache 2.0  running on a Red hat ES 4.0. We have a problem with mod_mono as it keeps increasing its memory usage until it fills up the server memory (1 GB) 

We have tried running the system with limiting mod_mono memory but the mod_mono stop responding to aspx request when the memory reaches the limit.

Once the mod_mono process is killed the used memory is freed.
We have found out that the memory is freed but after a long time which doesn't fit with our requirements. We need the memory to be freed more frequent.

Moreover, the sessions do not terminate probably all the time (i.e. session_end is not called all the time for all the sessions)

Our questions are:
1-Is there a problem with session_end; if so please advice what to do.
2-Why does the mod_mono keeps allocating memory and not freeing it
3- Is there is a way to configure or fine tune the garbage collector
4- Is there a problem with the memory limit for the
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