[Mono-list] mono/asp.net/apache integration

Wallmander Jonathan jonathan.wallmander at consultant.volvo.com
Mon Oct 3 07:09:44 EDT 2005


I wonder if there are any plans to integrate mono fully with apache, 
IMHO this: http://www.apacheworld.org/modmono/
is not a viable solution for deploying mono in a web hosting environment
due to the explicit configuration for "applications". I.e. not using
the already sufficient configurations made in apache. 

And even so:
"Only one MonoApplication directive is currently allowed." <-- not possible to do vhosts?

I would like it to work like it does on windows with IIS - i.e. all Vhosts in Apache
should have mono enabled, and it builds code-behind when needed and puts it in 
DocumentRoot/_bin/ or whatever.. The rest should just run.. 

Is this possible? is it planned? 

Thanks for your time, I'd really like to see this happening :)

Jonathan Wallmander,
Volvo Information Technology

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