[Mono-list] latest installer -- monodevelop hangs

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Tue May 31 05:05:20 EDT 2005


I'm using Ubuntu and had previously compiled mono v1.1.6 (and various
dependencies) from source, but had not felt confident about compiling
monodevelop 0.7 because the posts I'd been reading made it sound kind of

When I saw that the latest version of the universal installer includes
monodevelop, I did a "make uninstall" on everything I'd compiled earlier and
then ran the installer.

Everything seems to run ok except for monodevelop. It hangs at the splash
screen.  Running it from a terminal window gives the following output:

2005-05-31 01:39:12,525 [-1210216320] INFO  MonoDevelop.Services.ILoggingService
[(null)] - WARNING Could not find stock Icons.16x16.FindPrevIcon
2005-05-31 01:39:12,568 [-1210216320] INFO  MonoDevelop.Services.ILoggingService
[(null)] - WARNING Could not find stock gtk-stop
2005-05-31 01:39:12,605 [-1210216320] INFO  MonoDevelop.Services.ILoggingService
[(null)] - Creating DefaultWorkbench

(MonoDevelop:9717): GtkSourceView-CRITICAL **: file gtksourcebuffer.c: line 681
(gtk_source_buffer_new_with_language): assertion `GTK_IS_SOURCE_LANGUAGE
(language)' failed

(MonoDevelop:9717): GtkSourceView-CRITICAL **: file gtksourcebuffer.c: line 1470
(gtk_source_buffer_set_highlight): assertion `GTK_IS_SOURCE_BUFFER (buffer)'
Loading error, please reinstall :
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an
in <0x00111> Gdl.DockLayout:SetupObject (System.Xml.XmlNode node)
in <0x00097> Gdl.DockLayout:RecursiveBuild (System.Xml.XmlNode parentNode,
Gdl.DockObject parent)
in <0x0015d> Gdl.DockLayout:Load (System.Xml.XmlNode node)
in <0x0006d> Gdl.DockLayout:LoadLayout (System.String name)
in <0x000b0> MonoDevelop.Gui.SdiWorkbenchLayout:set_CurrentLayout (System.String
in <0x001ca> MonoDevelop.Gui.SdiWorkbenchLayout:SwitchContext
(MonoDevelop.Gui.WorkbenchContext ctxt)
in <0x00296> MonoDevelop.Gui.SdiWorkbenchLayout:CreateDefaultLayout ()
in <0x00640> MonoDevelop.Gui.SdiWorkbenchLayout:Attach (IWorkbench wb)
in <0x00050> MonoDevelop.Gui.DefaultWorkbench:set_WorkbenchLayout
(IWorkbenchLayout value)
in <0x00037> MonoDevelop.Gui.WorkbenchSingleton:SetWbLayout ()
in <0x00007> MonoDevelop.Gui.WorkbenchSingleton:CreateWorkspace ()
in <0x00044> MonoDevelop.Commands.InitializeWorkbenchCommand:Run ()
in <0x007ac> MonoDevelop.SharpDevelopMain:Main (System.String[] args)

I ran the installer as me (not as root) and installed to a directory inside my
home.  But I had the same problem when I ran the installer as root and
installed to /usr/local (which is where I had 1.1.6 installed from source

I'm posting here instead of the monodevelop forum because this seems to be
related to the installer--as others don't seem to be having this problem.


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