[Mono-list] ASP.NET, DataGrid and Data formatting expression

Hamish Murphy hamishm at parallelsolutions.com.au
Mon May 30 21:23:44 EDT 2005

I have a problem in ASP.NET. In Visual Studio I set the data formatting
expression for one of my DataGrid columns to {0:#.##}. When I run this on my
test IIS server all is sweet. When I post his to my Apache server, I get a
FormatException. If I change the format expression to one of the pre-defined
ones (like {0:g}), then I don't get a FormatException. 

I created a little test C# program (for my Linux box) with the following
line : 


and it works. 

Has anybody had any experience with this? I'm using Mono 1.1 (with mod_mono)
on Fedora Core 3 with Apache 2.0.52.



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