[Mono-list] Web Services and DIME

Pedro Santos Gómez pedrosantosgomez at yahoo.es
Sun May 29 10:41:05 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I'd like to transfer files through Web Services (if
possible, without sending them by parameter neither by
programming a POST petition to a .aspx) to a XSP

All I've found is that in .NET there are a couple of
stacks: WSE1, WSE2, incompatible between them. 

And in Mono I find that WSE1 at least is mostly
implemented, but I don't find the
Microsoft.Web.Services anywhere in version 1.1.7. In
the SVN I can find the code, but I didn't find a way
to use it.

Is this the only way to transfer files? If it is, any
help on it?

Thank you so much in advance,

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