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Rodolfo Campero rodolfo.campero at gmail.com
Sat May 28 10:27:11 EDT 2005


On 5/28/05, caner Sahan <canersahan at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everybody; 
> i have just learnt a tool written with mono. But it isn't on go-mono page in
> action. When Mr.Icaza was in Istanbul for a conference ,we had an interview 
> with him and he said he didn't like uml and he didn't liked who liked uml.
> But it was a joke we know :)) Anyway, this project a simple UML tool it is
> called Netron-Project what do you think about this project? Is it useful? 

AFAIK, the Netron project is more general than a UML tool; is a
diagramming toolkit for writing graph-based visual tools.

If you want a UML tool powered by Mono::, take a look at MonoUML [1].
Beware that is currently under heavy development.

If you want to programmatically manipulate UML models using C# or
another language supported by the .NET framework, you can use
ExpertCoder's libraries for UML 2.0 and XMI 2.0 [2].

It wouldn't be fair for me to say whether these projects are useful or
not, because I'm a member of both development teams; however, I would
love to hear other people's opinion.

I hope this helps,

[1] http://www.monouml.org/
[2] http://expertcoder.sf.net/

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