[Mono-list] Gtk.HTML on Windows

Zac Bowlng zac at zacbowling.com
Wed May 25 20:42:00 EDT 2005

You can write your own using a gtk+ text control pretty easy. You can bold,
italicize, strikeout, underline, change fonts, set custom sizes, tab widths
perline, etc.. Check out how tomboy does it.


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Hi All,

I've been attempting to use the Gtk.HTML widget on windows but I'm 
getting "type or namespace not found" error. Even though HTML is in the 
Gtk namespace, it would seem to be a Gnome widget. Is this correct and, 
if so, are there any other pre-made widgets that can edit HTML or 
rich-text-like widgets for Mono that I could use?

Kind regards...

-- Ricardo
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