[Mono-list] Compilation Error regarding Constraints

Christian Gross mailing at devspace.com
Wed May 25 17:11:23 EDT 2005

Consider the following source code:

interface IBase {
    void Method< type>( type param);

class Implementation : IBase {
    public void Method< paramtype>( paramtype param) {

If I compile this source code everything compiles fine in one assembly.  If I move the interface IBase 
into another assembly I get a compilation error, even though on Windows Beta 2 everything 
compiles.  The error that I get is:

The constraints for type parameter `paramtype' of method `Implementation.Method( paramtype)' 
must match the constraints for type parameter `type' of interface method `IBase.Method(type)'.  
Consider using an explicit interface implementation instead

Could somebody please tell me how come this does not compile?


Christian Gross


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