[Mono-list] How to generate System.ComponentModel.Design assembly?

Kornél Pál kornelpal at hotmail.com
Wed May 25 09:49:14 EDT 2005


>Thanks, then I must assume that System.ComponentModel.Design is incomplete
>in Mono version compared to Windows version as I get some types/namespaces
>that can not be found on that namespace. Am I wrong?

If you are talking about MonoTODO it is in file
mcs/class/System/System/TODOAttribute.cs. The error is because
System.ComponentModel.Design is a namespace inside the assembly System.dll
and all of it's source files assume that they are compiled as a single

But if you are talking about types that are missing from
System.ComponentModel.Design namespace in System.dll it's because they are
not implemented in Mono yet.

You should do the following:
1. Try to compile you application using .NET Framework.
2. Try to compile it using Mono built from latest SVN sources.

If it compiles in the first case but not in the second, look at the latest
source code at

There may be missing classes, methods, etc.


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