[Mono-list] Services, daemons

Helge Lenuweit helge at lenuweit.net
Tue May 24 10:21:33 EDT 2005

Hello list,

I have a core app that is usually embedded into a Windows service and, 
alternatively, into a console program for debugging. As the console 
program runs fine on mono (on SuSE 9.1, in my case), I'm looking into 
running it as a Linux daemon or other form of permanent, auto-starting 

For this it would be needed to replace two Windows-related mechanisms: 
ServiceProcess and EventLog. The logging part seems easy as I can switch 
to logging into a file, or look into the syslog functions. Are there any 
recommendations for the daemon/service part? Can I make use of 
ServiceProcess at all - I guess not? Is there a must-read available 
anywhere to clear things up? I believe this is also heavily distro-specific?

Best regards,

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