[Mono-list] gnome-sharp-2.0

Cory Trese cory.trese at gmail.com
Sun May 22 20:06:24 EDT 2005


You should see at the bottom of your "gtk-sharp" configuration a
listing of all the libraries built, as below.  This list depends on
what GTK/Gnome libraries you  have installed for the package to
generate bindings to.

Configuration summary

   * Installation prefix = /usr/local
   * C# compiler: /usr/local/bin/mcs -define:GTK_SHARP_2_6

Optional assemblies included in the build:

   * art-sharp.dll: yes
   * gnomevfs-sharp.dll: yes
   * gnome-sharp.dll: yes
   * glade-sharp.dll: yes
   * gda-sharp.dll: yes
   * gnomedb-sharp.dll: yes
   * rsvg-sharp.dll: yes
   * gtkhtml-sharp.dll: yes
   * vte-sharp.dll: yes
   * gtk-dotnet.dll: yes

You, in particular, should check for the "gnome-sharp.dll" library.
If it is present and the MD environment still reports the same error,
check your installation prefix (/usr/local for me) and compare it to

You may also need to run 'ldconfig'.

I can, however, assure you that it does work out of SVN.  I have been
doing it every few days for about a week now.  The error your reported
is one that I early in my attempts as well.

- Cory Trese

On 5/22/05, simon <sjen5 at bigpond.com> wrote:
> What package do i need to install to get gnome-sharp-2.0?
> Im using ubuntu, and am trying to install monodevelop from source.
> During configure for gtksourceview-sharp-2.0-0.10 I am being told that i
> do not have gnome-sharp.
> Thanks
> Simon
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