[Mono-list] MonoDevelop 0.7

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Sun May 22 18:16:07 EDT 2005

I've been following the discussion on MonoDevelop, and strangely I don't
seem to have the problems discussed here.

I use Mandrake Linux, and install from the SuSE RPMs (I can't find a
reliable Mandrake (sorry Mandriva) set of RPMS), and they install well
enough -  occassionally I have to use --force because of dependency
clashes - and everything works fine. The only problems I've encountered
are with MonoDoc which ceased to work after I upgraded to 2005 (10.2),
and it's probable that a reinstall will fix the problem, as it's likely
some libraries were zapped during the upgrade.

I think MonoDevelop is a really good product, and that it will only get
better. At the moment it's not a patch on VS.NET, as I can't do ASP.NET
development with it - and I would love to have available the sort of
compile and run environment that is available with VS.NET and IIS, but
with the Glade editor, I can do cross platform applications using GTK#
(I have the Glade GTK# extension stalled on VS.NET on a MS Windows


Tracy Anne Barlow

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