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Carl Olsen carl at carl-olsen.com
Sun May 22 17:45:11 EDT 2005

Microsoft does not release an upgrade every few months.

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Carl Olsen wrote:

>That sounds great.  This has only been a minor inconvenience for me.  Mono
>is great stuff and monodevelop is a great tool.  I was surprised to see it
>break, but not overly surprised.  I realize this stuff is still under heavy
>development.  I started running Mono on Red Hat 8 and 9, but it was just
>much trouble to keep up.  SuSE has made it a lot easier, but I can't
>they want another $60 every time they do a minor version upgrade.  How are
>they going to compete with Windows XP by doing that?
According to 
http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/howtobuy/pricingretail.mspx the 
upgrade price for XP is $199, which does not, of course include upgrades 
to Office, Visual Studio, etc etc.  You pay Novell $68 and you get 
everything upgraded.  So you get 2 and a bit SuSE upgrades for the price 
of one Windows upgrade, and you get tonnes more stuff upgraded.

You can also wait a while and upgrade via ftp for free, as well, of course.

And lastly, you don't have to do an upgrade if you don't want to.  You 
only have to upgrade if you want the new features - in which case it's 
not just a minor version upgrade.

Just my 2c worth (Welsh ceiniogau)



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