[Mono-list] Businesses

mtraudt at quantifisolutions.com mtraudt at quantifisolutions.com
Sat May 21 09:35:10 EDT 2005

>> If this is inappropriate, my apologizes and please do not respond but I
>> watch the list and it is quite active. I just was wondering what companies
>> are actually using Mono in a real world application.

My company uses Mono to run our software on Linux/Solaris servers.  We provide
advanced analytics for pricing and risk management of credit derivatives.  The
analytics toolkit is composed of a mixture of C# and C++ (we chose .NET as our
platform in part because of its excellent support for interop with unmanaged

In addition to the Toolkit, we also provide a Calculation Server 
(written in C#)
and an Excel Addin (written in C# with a bit of Managed C++).  Of course the
Excel Addin is MS specific.

Our support for Mono is relatively new and still considered beta, 
however we run
our full regression test suite on Mono/Linux, so I think this can be 
a "real world" application.

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