[Mono-list] asp.net mod_mono reference question

Joe Audette joe_audette at yahoo.com
Fri May 20 19:58:39 EDT 2005

Hi Dustin,

If I understand your question correctly it is a
ASP.NET question, nothing mono specific.

When using code behind rather than in-line code, you
have to compile your dll yourself and put it in the
bin folder in the root of your web app.

Your page will have a reference like this:
<%@ Page language="c#" Codebehind="YourPage.aspx.cs"
Inherits="YourNamepsace.YourCodeBehindClassName" %>

The .cs file for the code behind does not get compiled
by the JIT like inline code done inside <Script
runat="server">, you have to compile YourPage.aspx.cs
into YourNamespace.dll and put it in the bin folder at
the root of your web application.

Hope that helps,


--- Dustin Aleksiuk <DAleksiu at thoughtworks.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm sure there's an easy answer to this, but I can't
> find it. I'm running 
> mod_mono on apache, on Linux. I want to reference my
> own DLL in my 
> codebehind. When the compiler tries to compile my
> codebehind when the page 
> is run, it can't find my classes. It can find all
> the system classes.
> Is there a config parameter where I can tell it
> which DLLs to reference?
> Thanks muchly,
> Dustin
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