[Mono-list] asp.net mod_mono reference question

Jesse Pasichnyk jesse at pasichnyk.net
Fri May 20 19:07:01 EDT 2005

-r MyCustomAssembly.dll



Mono C# compiler, (C) 2001 - 2003 Ximian, Inc.

mcs [options] source-files

   --about            About the Mono C# compiler

   -addmodule:MODULE  Adds the module to the generated assembly

   -checked[+|-]      Set default context to checked

   -codepage:ID       Sets code page to the one in ID (number, utf8, reset)

   -clscheck[+|-]     Disables CLS Compliance verifications

   -define:S1[;S2]    Defines one or more symbols (short: /d:)

   -debug[+|-], -g    Generate debugging information

   -delaysign[+|-]    Only insert the public key into the assembly (no

   -doc:FILE          XML Documentation file to generate

   -keycontainer:NAME The key pair container used to strongname the assembly

   -keyfile:FILE      The strongname key file used to strongname the

   -langversion:TEXT  Specifies language version modes: ISO-1 or Default

   -lib:PATH1,PATH2   Adds the paths to the assembly link path

   -main:class        Specified the class that contains the entry point

   -noconfig[+|-]     Disables implicit references to assemblies

   -nostdlib[+|-]     Does not load core libraries

   -nowarn:W1[,W2]    Disables one or more warnings

   -optimize[+|-]     Enables code optimalizations

   -out:FNAME         Specifies output file

   -pkg:P1[,Pn]       References packages P1..Pn

   -recurse:SPEC      Recursively compiles the files in SPEC ([dir]/file)

   -reference:ASS     References the specified assembly (-r:ASS)

   -target:KIND       Specifies the target (KIND is one of: exe, winexe,

                      library, module), (short: /t:)

   -unsafe[+|-]       Allows unsafe code

   -warnaserror[+|-]  Treat warnings as errors

   -warn:LEVEL        Sets warning level (the highest is 4, the default is

   -help2             Show other help flags



   -linkresource:FILE[,ID] Links FILE as a resource

   -resource:FILE[,ID]     Embed FILE as a resource

   -win32res:FILE          Specifies Win32 resource file (.res)

   -win32icon:FILE         Use this icon for the output

   @file                   Read response file for more options


Options can be of the form -option or /option



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I'm sure there's an easy answer to this, but I can't find it. I'm running
mod_mono on apache, on Linux. I want to reference my own DLL in my
codebehind. When the compiler tries to compile my codebehind when the page
is run, it can't find my classes. It can find all the system classes. 

Is there a config parameter where I can tell it which DLLs to reference? 

Thanks muchly,

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