[Mono-list] MonoDevelop 0.7

peter apvx95 at dsl.pipex.com
Fri May 20 18:05:13 EDT 2005

Kirill wrote:

> Hi,
> Did you try running MD after removing gtksourceview-sharp? I'm not in 
> Linux currently, so I can't check that, but I am guessing that maybe 
> there were 2 versions installed on your computer, which interferred 
> with each other?

Nope.  That didn't work either.

Went into synaptic and looked for gtksourceview-sharp and found it.  So 
I uninstalled it (which uninstalled monodevelop as well).  I then 
reinstalled monodevelop via rug - which reinstalled gtksourceview.  
Finally I tried running monodevelop from the command line - and got 
exactly the same result as before.



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