[Mono-list] Npgsql.dll

Carl Olsen carl at carl-olsen.com
Fri May 13 21:51:51 EDT 2005

I'm amazed.  I figured out how to connect to PostgreSQL and populate a
datagrid today.  The first problem I ran into was getting TCP/IP turned on
in the postgresql.conf file.  The next problem was giving my IP address
permission to connect in the pg_hba.conf file.  The biggest problem I ran
into was calling the npgsql.dll assembly.  For some reason, it worked just
fine from a console application written in C#, but it would not run from my
web page until I copied the npgsql.dll file in the bin folder of my web
application.  I'm not sure if that is caused by the web application using
the mod_mono.so file to run the compiler.

I'm not posting a link to the page, because I'm in the process of making
changes to it, but it's a thrill to see an ASP.NET datagrid control showing
up on my page as an HTML table full of data.

Carl Olsen

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