[Mono-list] hosting webservices

Jonathan J. Vargas R. Jonathan J. Vargas R." <jonathan.j.vargas@gmail.com
Thu, 12 May 2005 16:01:58 -0600


i want to develop an architecture based in a community of services
which use the web services spec. the services can comunicate
themselves through the web services. but i want dedicated web service
hosting for each service, and use ASP .NET hosted in IIS or Apache for
each host that offers a service is not a lighweight solution..

so i wonder about a lightweigth web server, or a web service
independant server for .NET, dedicated specifically for that

i would use Remoting under Http channel.  but i want web services
because i need interoperability with java and some other technologies,
but i dunt want to use Apache or IIS, or another external browser
since my specific task would be a web service and just that.

I am looking for an API like Remoting using Http, but with the
difference that its main task would be handling web services.

does that exist?
another solution or technic?

Jonathan J. Vargas Rodriguez