[Mono-list] Mono.Data.SQLiteClient

Thomas Zoechling thomas.zoechling@gmx.at
Thu, 12 May 2005 10:56:33 +0200

Hi Michael!

Currently Mono.Data.SqliteClient doesnt support parameters. Therefore it 
is not usable in the "ado.net" way (DataAdapter,...)
Currently there are 2 patches in bugzilla that implement parameter 

The first one if form Chris Turchin and implements Parameters with 
Regular Expressions.
The second patch is from Jeroen Zwartepoorte and uses native sqlite3_bind.

As Mono supports both sqlite versions I contacted the authors of the 
original patches and tried to merge them into one. (Chris approach for 
sqlite2 and Jeroens part for sqlite3)
Currently Chris and I try to pass some unit tests, that Chris provided.
I hope I can attach a patch for review soon.


Michael Thomsen wrote:

> I have been looking for a way to do ADO.NET with SQLite and was
> wondering what the state of Mono's SQLite support is. The ADO.NET
> provider that is hosted at sourceforge for SQLite seems to be really
> buggy. Is it possible to use the Mono SQLite support without Mono?
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