[Mono-list] Problem buiding MonoDevelop 0.6

Dane-Garrin Balia Dane-Garrin Balia <monodev@gmail.com>
Thu, 12 May 2005 09:52:36 +0200

Hi Rohit

I understand where you coming from, but let me suggest to you.
Building monodevelop 0.6 is a pain, especially if you don't scour the
go-mono site for information.

My suggestion to you, would be, to download the latest SVN source from=20
myrealbox, and thats the only way you going to get a successful build.
Monodevelop 0.6 has alot of dependecies....*ALOT*

<paste from release notes>
Compiling the following order will yield the most favorable response.

    * Gtk# 2.0
    * Gtksourceview# 0.7
    * Monodoc 0.6 (requires gtk-sharp 1.0)
    * Gecko# 0.7
    * Mono Debugger from svn (for debugger integration)
    * MonoDevelop 0.6 Source

Check this out:

Also, if you intend on checking out the source via SVN, make sure you
generate a PKI rsa key and send it to Miguel. Or you can alternatively
like me, browse with ViewCVS and pull down the tarball's.

*Good luck* :)
Dane-Garrin Balia