[Mono-list] Re: Can't build releases 1.1.5-1.1.7

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> Can't build releases 1.1.5-1.1.7

I think Kirill has some very good points. I've been following this
thread for a while, and It seems to me that it has gone off on a tanget,
and that the initial post dealt with the difficulties that one can, and
often faces, when attempting to get Mono installed and running properly.

I use Mandriva (formerly Mandrake), recently upgraded to Limited Edition

***NOTE this is an aside, and not the main thrust of my post*****
It seems that there is no support for Mandrake/mandriva (this is
probably Mandrake/Mandriva's fault, as it seems there may be support for
Mono, if you are a Mandriva club member, but it does not appear to be
available to the general public). All support seems to be for Red
Hat/Fedora and SuSE/Novell distributions, with Mac and Windows, and
lipservice for Debian.
***NOTE end aside*****

I am curently running Mono 1.0.6, in spite of the statements to the
effect that 1.1.6 is probably the better way to go.

I had, until recently, been using the SuSE 9.2 RPMs to install Mono
1.0.x, and this worked, to an extent. There were always several
conflicts with existing Mandrake/Mandriva supplied libraries, for
example xrender always gave me problems, and the only way around the
problem was to go to the command line and force the Xrender supplied for
the SuSE 9.2 Mono RPMs to install over the Mandrake/Mandriva supplied
xrender. Unless one did this Mono could not be installed, due to missing

Recently I uninstalled the entire RPM based SuSE Mono package set, and
installed 1.0.6 using the binary installer. The installation went well,
and after editing, and moving a few shell scriptes into the /usr/bin
directory most of the system worked. I could not however get ASP.NET to
work, as it seems there was no mod-mono library for Apache, I searched
and was unable to find it. I downloaded and installed the two related
files for mod-mono, for SuSE 9.2, from the Mono downloads page, and
using RPM -i --force --nodeps managed to install the needed libraries. 

After stopping and restarting Apache, and deleting some temp files
from /tmp, I was able to get ASP.NET working fine.

Then I tried installing 1.1.6 from the binary installer. It too did not
come with any mod-mono libraries, so I went through a similar process as
for 1.0.6. But in spite of the fact that everything seems to be inplace
Apache continues to inform me that the system is not responding and that
I may have capcity problems.

I tried building 1.1.7, from the tar.gz file supplied on the Mono
downloads page, but have been unable to do so. I will supply a report
showing the errors returnd by the make process, later today mytime.


Tracy Anne Barlow