[Mono-list] mono app receives SIGSEGV after running for 20 hours!!

Kala B Kala B <kalabalun@gmail.com>
Tue, 10 May 2005 17:40:49 +0530

I have a C# application running on mono/Suse Linux. Its basically a
Unix Domain Socket server ( uses Mono.Posix for the socket APIs).  The
code runs perfectly for almost 20 hours. When there is just no
activity ( the application is just listening and there are no clients
connecting to it), the application receives a SIGSEGV. It just
receives a Segmentation fault.
My code does not have any P/Invoke calls.=20

Could you please guide me as to how to go about resolving this issue?=20

I can think of the following possibilities :=20

1. Memory leak in my application - but memory is completely managed by
the run-time, so could this be really an issue with my application?
2. Some problem with Mono.Posix ( because of some P/Invoke?? )=20
3. Peridically I have a thread which wakes up, checks something and
sleeps again. It uses a mutex. Could that be some issue?

How do I detect if it is a mono run-time/mono package issue or an
issue with my code?
The mono version I use is 1.0.4, but the same problem was detected in
mono 1.1.4 too.
Could you please guide me?

Thanks & Regards
Kala B.