[Mono-list] Can't build releases 1.1.5-1.1.7

Pieter Baele pieter.baele@telenet.be
Mon, 09 May 2005 09:57:33 +0200

Op ma, 09-05-2005 te 10:41 +0300, schreef Kirill:

> Yes, 12 hours for Mono + MonoDevelop. And I'm not a linux newbie. My
> point is that it's a direct result of misleading documentation and poor
> release organization of Mono and MonoDevelop and their subprojects.

Maybe for a part yes, but 12 hours for someone who knows linux:
that's just very strange - I can't even imagine...

> No, it's easy for someone, who knows that he should probably replace
> "svn+ssh://" with "svn://". And I do know that. That's why I said that I
> don't want to be nitpicky. But still, the readme is incorrect and
> "svn+ssh://" scheme doesn't work for anonymous access. I don't know, how
> to explain it in simpler words.

WTF. It's just a simple search.

// I like constructive criticism, not destructive criticism.

Nobody stops you from contributing and finetuning the documentation (or
wiki), but to just give negative comment...