[Mono-list] Can't build releases 1.1.5-1.1.7

Kirill kirillkh@gmail.com
Mon, 09 May 2005 10:17:26 +0300

Todd Berman wrote:

>On Mon, 2005-05-09 at 09:37 +0300, Kirill wrote:
>I have no desire to address your ranting about a website that may or may
>not be the most clear, but absolutely is not as difficult as you say to
>navigate (As a point of reference, one of our developers at work who has
>never used linux was able to build mono 1.1.6 without any help from
>anyone, and asked a grand total of 2 questions in order to get MD 0.6
Yes, you're right. The whole reason must be that I'm just too stupid to
do it the right way.

>>Yes, that's why I took the hassle to install the new MD version, in
>>spite of the previous bad installation experience (the last time I ended
>>up replacing some of the Mono packages with a third-party build, because
>>of unsutisfied dependencies). But my team is currently planning a new
>>project with .NET or Java, and I was thinking to do it with Mono, but
>>this turns out to still be a non-option, because there's no good IDE
>>available, neither for Windows (#Develop only works with MS runtime),
>>nor for Linux. So I say - the current MonoDevelop's features are good
>>enough, just make it stable!
>Thanks for the bug reports.
>In case you were just tuning in, you have filed a grand total of 0 bug
>reports, so as far as we know, MD works fine for you.
>But thanks for helping us so much.
I didn't intend to file any bug reports. I'm not involved with this
project and I don't have any reason to spend my time trying to help it.
I would have, if I saw that a couple of bug reports might make it
usable, but, judging by the amount of bugs that showed up after 5
minutes of playing around, it's not the case.

What I did intend to do was outlining how difficult and
counter-intuitive the installation process was - that's because if the
maintainers actually corrected the problems that I described and started
paying attention to them in future, it would make things much simpler
the next time I decide to try a new version.

By the way, if you need additional proofs for these statements, just
take a look at the adjacent threads:
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        "I did have a pretty hard time getting the Mono core, xsp, and
Monodoc installed (like I said, I'm a newbie--but learning fast)."
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Ah yes, monodoc was causing me problems, too, and I was optimistic
enough to try to compile MD with debugger support.