[Mono-list] Can't build releases 1.1.5-1.1.7

Kirill kirillkh@gmail.com
Mon, 09 May 2005 09:37:30 +0300

Pieter Baele wrote:

>Op ma, 09-05-2005 te 01:43 +0300, schreef Kirill:
>>I've finally managed to install MD after ~12 hours of work. It would
>>have taken me as little as 2 to 3 hours, if Mono and MD distribution
>>process was a bit more organized. I feel that the way you manage
>>documentation and releases needs urgent and full revision.
>Mmm, installation is pretty easy once you know how to install mono.
>Installation of mono is organzid enough I think: simply go to
>http://www.mono-project.com/Downloads and for fedora, choose a binary
>or red carpet. 
>It's a bit different from distribution to distribution.
>(the windows install is even easier)
>>but in the per-distro download
>>sections it offers the "unstable" 1.1.7, without mentioning it on the
>>main page. 
>Yea, It's better to use 1.1.x series. Things wil change when version 1.2
>is out (and later 2.0)
>>That's why I didn't find the packages and spent so much time.
>>Ah yes, and the current version of gecko-sharp, linked from MonoDevelop
>>site (I think), is broken, its previous version doesn't work with MD,
>>while in the source control it is found under a different name
>>(gtkmozembed-sharp). Not to mention that the repository version is also
>>broken (as of today), but this one was easy to fix.
>I don't know. On my Gentoo system, everything works fine.
>On my second system (Ubuntu), I don't even try to install development
>versions as I don't need them for only f-spot and muine ;)
Take a look at the http://www.mono-project.com/Downloads site, while
pretending that you're a newcomer and don't know how to get it working
or which packages to download. First of all, you pay attention to this:

    * Current Stable Version: Mono 1.0.6 (Release notes Feb 17th, 2005

    * Current Development Version: Mono 1.1.7 (Release notes May 4th,
      2005 <http://go-mono.com/archive/1.1.7>

You glance down the page and see a table of packages for the different
distros. The table doesn't mention, which version are the packages
(except the second row, which links you to an _outdated 1.1.6_ _generic_
installer; but I personally haven't paid attention to it in the
beginning, I just followed the link to the "Current Development Version"
above). *So you guess that these prebuilt packages are for the stable
1.0.6 version!* And then you click on the Mono 1.1.7 (Release notes)
above. What you see is a pretty long explanation of features and notes
on building the 1.1.7 *and link to source tarball*. It says that binary
packages are available, but for them it links you back onto the
/Downloads page, which, as you remember, doesn't tell you, where to find
the new binaries! So you conclude that it either intends to tell you
that you can also download the binaries for the older versions, or that
the new binaries are currently unavailable. Would you guess that in fact
they *are* available, but this page simply doesn't link to them
directly, while it does link you to the source tarball? No, that's
counter-intuitive. So you download the tarball and start trying to build
it. And that's where your delicious adventures begin.

>>This was the worst installation experience I had in years. Not to
>>mention that, in the end, MonoDevelop 0.6 is still unusable. I think
>>this is the time to freeze feature development and direct all the effort
>>towards quality in code, documentation and repository.
>I'm no developper of mono (I'm not good enough in programming yet ;)
>but I don't think so. As I said earlier, Mono is going to version 1.2,
>and Monodevelop has to keep up with these releases.
>I like too see some extra features. Things can stabilize when Mono 1.2
>is out....
>I work with the svn version of MD and this works pretty well for me.
>Can't recommend it for a production release yet ;), but I like
>code-completion and some other features.
I like them, too, but it's no fun when after 5 minutes of playing around
the undo breaks and wouldn't work until IDE restart or when all of the
sudden you can't open any files, because of an unknown error. The
autocompletion box's items aren't clickable; when you press enter, it
simply moves the caret to the next line, so you have to press space,
which inserts the current item from the list and an unnesessary space
after it. Etc.

>>Sorry to say all that, but it's my honest opinion.
>np, but remember: the mono world is changing continuously...
>Once there is a stable 1.2 release (or maybe 2.0), a stable release of
>the debugger with integration in MD and integration of a gui builder
>(stetic) in MD, RAD development with mono can begin :)
Yes, that's why I took the hassle to install the new MD version, in
spite of the previous bad installation experience (the last time I ended
up replacing some of the Mono packages with a third-party build, because
of unsutisfied dependencies). But my team is currently planning a new
project with .NET or Java, and I was thinking to do it with Mono, but
this turns out to still be a non-option, because there's no good IDE
available, neither for Windows (#Develop only works with MS runtime),
nor for Linux. So I say - the current MonoDevelop's features are good
enough, just make it stable!

>For the time, you can just use gvim with glade :p
Thanks, I'll give it a try.