[Mono-list] Can't build releases 1.1.5-1.1.7

Pieter Baele pieter.baele@telenet.be
Mon, 09 May 2005 07:57:35 +0200

Op ma, 09-05-2005 te 08:35 +0300, schreef Kirill:

> Most of the concerns were about Mono, not MD. The *main* problem was
> that despite googling and RingTFM I wasn't even aware of the prebuild
> Mono packages' existance - that's because of the total mess on *your* site.

Euh: google: mono installation
==> http://www.mono-project.com/Mono_Installation ==> 

There are a couple of ways to install Mono, depending on your expertise:

      * From individual RPM packages in our Downloads page.
      * Using the Linux installer (from our Downloads page.
      * Using ZENworks (formerly Red Carpet)
      * Fedora Core users: using yum 

==> Downloads ==> .....

Enough possibilities for your distro....

> And let's not be nitpicky - I don't complain that Mono readme says you
> need to use svn+ssh scheme to access the repository, where in fact it
> doesn't allow anonymous access, do I?

Anonymous svn is possible I think. I'm pretty sure.
I use svn versions of monodevelop, gtksourceview-sharp and stetic

Pieter Baele <pieter.baele@telenet.be>