[Mono-list] mmap problem with mod_mono

S├ębastien Robitaille sebastien.robitaille@croesus.com
Sat, 7 May 2005 10:49:03 -0400

> Run ps aux | grep mod-mono-server and see the owner of the process. =
> be, given that the permissions on /sebas are 777, just removing
> the .wapi directory you created will work.

Already done that, without much success.
BTW, I cannot see the owner of the mod-mono-server process this way since it is aborted before I can grep for it...

I looked at the _wapi_shm_attach() code and the error doesn't arises when the file is opened, it is the mmap call that fails. According to mmap doc, the error code returned (EACCES) arises when the file is not open with the correct flags.
Maybe this is not a permission issue after all?