[Mono-list] Monodevelop svn behaving weird

Pieter Baele pieter.baele@telenet.be
Fri, 06 May 2005 22:59:39 +0200

I've just compiled monodevelop-svn (without boo, java and
debugger-support) but I've some troubles.

When I start a new project I can't edit the source files.
The editor window doesn't show anything. Even when I double click a .cs
or .vb file nothing happens...

I am using gentoo: mono 1.1.7, gtk-sharp-1.9.3-r1, ....

Is this some problem witch code-completion of syntax highlighting?
When I go to preferences --> syntax highlighting mono crashes.

I've you need to see some output from the console, please ask me.


Pieter Baele <pieter.baele@telenet.be>