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Dane-Garrin Balia Dane-Garrin Balia <monodev@gmail.com>
Thu, 5 May 2005 14:09:49 +0200

I don't know if its me, but I've had endless problems trying to get
Monodevelop 0.6 onto my SUSE 9.3.
In my little or short-time of using Mono, in the Linux environment,
I've found it a bit of a mountain to install. SUSE 9.2 as I remember
was an almost breeze for mono 1.0, but from then on its been hectic.
I've come recognise that like most things in life. the go-mono site,
is not altogether straightforward, with the endless dependency
requirements that exist. By in large, I am not complaining, being in
Linux for years, has left me a very wily hacker, however my concern
stems for new users. My point is, Mono has a 4-year history, and its
simply beautiful, but for new users to Mono, the initial adoption
phase is outweighed by the learning-curse, and barriers-to-entry in
just getting it installed.

The new single binary, does make life easier, however, in both suse
9.2 and suse 9.3, my Monodevelop has just kept crashing, after
creating a project, without an error. Now being a somewhat lazy
enduser, I should be hacking away to figure out the point of failure,
but again, my concern is for the new users.

Anyways, after all this ranting, I have decided to write some
documentation on how to install and configure Mono, cause its just not
simply, rpm -Uvh / configure && make && make install. I'm sure you
guys are well aware of this, but really and I guess emotionally I say
this, its a MISSION.

</end ranting>
Dane-Garrin Balia