AW: [Mono-list] Why ByteFx needs Windows.Forms

Barbara Plank
Mon, 21 Mar 2005 15:04:09 +0100

Ah, that's why... Thank you for the information.
However, I also don't like the idea that the driver needs SWF. :(
And the design time support for VS.NET... 

Another question:
Did anybody test MySQL Connector/Net on Mono? 
I saw that ByteFx will not be further developed... and that MySQL
Connector/Net is its successor.. am I right? Did anybody test it on Mono?
Or: is Mono supporting this driver?

Thank you,

Daniel Morgan wrote:

I do not like the ideal of the driver requiring SWF either.  However, 
ByteFX.Data uses S.W.F. for design-time support in Visual 
such as screating data sets based on some wizards...  I'm not sure all 
you can do with this design-time support because I never use it.

Barbara Plank wrote:

>while installing byteFx I noticed (in several versions) that it
>needs two packages:
>Can anybody perhaps tell me WHY? I am wondering... and I don't have fully
>understood why those packages.. 
>Thanks for any hint,
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