[Mono-list] mono compatibility question

Alex Roman allex2k3@yahoo.ca
Sun, 20 Mar 2005 21:43:35 -0500


Csibra Gergo wrote:
> Saturday, March 19, 2005, 2:05:56 AM, Dan Maltes wrote:
>>>Can I make multi platform programs with mono? Or can I compile for Linux,
>>>Windows maybe Solaris the same sourcecode? Yes, little programs like "Hello
>>I don't think the windows forms classes in mono are stable enough yet in
>>Mono for the forms in a VB app like yours.  Although not opensource, you
>>could try REALBasic.  They have a utility to help migrate Visual Basic
>>applications cross-platform.
> Yes, I suspected as much, but if I use GTK which runs on windows and
> linux also?
Yes, GTK# is fully ported to Windows/Mono and is the platform of choice for developing GUI applications on all platforms (currently Win32, Linux, MacOSX AFAIK, pls correct me if I'm wrong). 

Now, about the database, I'm not sure. I think SQLite works on both Windows and Linux (there's also a mono/C# api for it). IIRC PostgreSQL is cross-platform and, again, IIRC mono has an ODBC implementation which should allow you to connect to virtually any database.

Well, else what can I say? If you've coded in VB6 before, stick to VB.Net. Mono has the mbas compiler which allows you to compile vb programs. C# and VB.Net, from a structural point of view are similar, VERY similar, and 99% of the times converting from C# to VB.net and vice versa is extremely easy, so you should find enough examples on the net.

Hope this helps... Good luck!

Alex Roman.