[Mono-list] About to Compile MCS

Guilherme Martins labega@gmail.com
Sat, 19 Mar 2005 22:33:36 -0300

I have downloaded the jay binary version from an article:

An I run jay to generate my cs-parser.cs, that "worked" fine!

But the generated file have it's syntax wrong, to illustrate the file 
begins with a case statement :-(...

Some one know how to solve it?

Note: I'm using Windows and I just want to compile MCS with VS.NET.

Paul wrote:
> Hi,
>>I'm trying to compile the mono C# compiler, I understand that I need to 
>>generate cs-parser.cs using jay, but where I can get it? And which 
>>command line parameters should I use to generate this file?
> Everything is created once mono has been itself has been built (mono
> builds mcs, mcs builds jay).
> http://www.all-the-johnsons.co.uk/mono/mono-building.html
> is the site you should refer to for building instructions (lots of folks
> already do - the folks who host my site are getting a tad annoyed at the
> number of hits the mono section of my site keeps getting!)
> Paul