[Mono-list] Mono licence

Nick Loeve mono@trickie.org
Sun, 20 Mar 2005 11:47:39 +1100

Paul wrote:
> Hi,
>>The licensing info is right on the web site
> Soooooo, we're all basically entrusting a company which has been proven
> to lie and deceive not to turn the knife.
> Just because there is something verbal to EMCA does not a legal waiver
> make. As it stands, until there is a written waiver in the hands of
> Novell from MS, the code cannot be legally released under the GPL as it
> infringes on the held and provable patents of another company.
> Unless I've missed something that is.
> Paul
> P.S. The reason for this line of enquiry is I'm trying to get Mono
> adopted into Fedora Core extras. Until the patent/GPL issue is sorted,
> it can't and I'd hazard a guess, can't be included into Debian or the
> other distros under the terms of the GPL.


It is in Debian unstable.

Nick Loeve