[Mono-list] Good Mono Project

Ralph Mason rm.monolist@telogis.com
Fri, 18 Mar 2005 22:33:21 +1300

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

>>I've worked in VB6 for about 8 years. VBA and VBScript might not be
>>bad, but VB6 would be a nightmare. VB6 even within itself operates
>>COM for many of the things it does and that includes most of the
>>that you put on a form. Moving applications would require recompiling
>>well as getting many vendors to make *nix versions of the needed
>>or creating replacements for them. VB6 is very big on data grids
>>So I'm not sure that this would happen.
>Thanks for the feedback.  I have now updated the Technical FAQ on the
>Mono web site.
I can't agree with this.
I used VB6 for years.  Same old recipe, build some com objects using ATL 
and use vb6 to put a gui onto them.

Seems to me that one can easily do a layer to create the com 'controls' 
(eg the standard ones provided) on top of WIndows.Forms.  Com controls 
are supported under windows.  I can't imagine it's that hard to load a 
shared library and provide the 3 or 4 functions you need to make a com 
control work, and the standard interop stuff provided in the CLR should 
make calling those functions a snap.

VB6 may have been a com scripting layer, but what was available isn't 
that different than what the clr priovdes.

Technically I don't think it's a hard project - a big project -- indeed, 
a hard one, no.