[Mono-list] Good Mono Project

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Thu, 17 Mar 2005 12:36:59 -0500


> VB6 was syntactically unsuited to .NET so came VB.NET, or so it was 
> originally laid out.  The reality is, if you are mired in VB6 syntax, 
> go use RealBasic and target Windows, Linux & Mac from the same IDE 
> using the same syntax and compiler.  VB6 syntax on top of the Mono & 
> .NET runtime just strikes me as round peg, square hole.  It might fit, 
> but it won't fill all the gaps.

Nobody said that the VB6 compiler needed to talk to the underlying .NET,
all we need is a compiler that exposes that language and targetting .NET
is an easy way of doing so.

The x86 "virtual machine" only supports the 32-bit int and the floating
point data types, and mapping "VB6" into it has not been a problem in
the past.  There should be little or no problem mapping VB6 into the CIL
virtual machine.