[Mono-list] Good Mono Project

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Thu, 17 Mar 2005 12:07:23 -0500


> I'm not saying it can't be done -- it obviously can be.  I'm just
> pointing out that this is A LOT of work; don't underestimate it.  A
> Delphi-compatible compiler is trivial in comparison.  VB6 language
> support is easy, the language semantics are easy, it's the class library
> support (and implicit Win32 support) which will be hard, especially
> since most of that "class library" consists of 3rd party components that
> may not have a Linux equivalent.

The other downside is that it seems that VB6 is a different language
that VBScript (used on web browsers) and different than VBA (Visual
Basic for Applications).

Someone who knows that stuff could probably say `this is a subset of
that' or something along those lines and write a compiler that would
work for all three.

At least VBscript and VBA would be reusable elsewhere, and the VB6
support could help move *some* applications from Windows to Linux.