[Mono-list] Deamonize. Running a Mono app. in the background

Jesse Pasichnyk jesse@pasichnyk.net
Tue, 15 Mar 2005 16:24:36 -0700

Are the execv, setuid and setgid methods working?

I wrote some stuff using those, and it did the execv fine, but didn't =
to want to change the identity the application was running under.

The exe had permissions 6755.

Is this not possible since the application is run by the mono =



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Hello Michael,

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> Michael Rasmussen
> Hi List,
> How does one run a Mono app. as a deamon?
> In C/C++ I would do it this way:
> ...
> /* Fork off the parent process */
> pid =3D fork();

The standard Unix functions are implemented in namespace
Mono.Unix in assembly Mono.Posix, but the fork calls aren't=20
working from managed code.

I have done a C daemon using Embedded Mono to run a
Windows Service implemented in .NET on Linux. I have=20
sent a first proposal to Mono-Devel list some days ago:

You can take the attached daemon as starting point for=20
your own implementation or help promoting the inclusion=20
of something like that in Mono ;-)

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