[Mono-list] Re: New Mono community

Francisco T. Martinez martinf@mfconsulting.com
Sat, 12 Mar 2005 07:51:31 -0600

Congratulations to Rogerio, Everaldo and to Cassio.  These sites will 
add a lot of value.

Notice that I have sent this to the [Mono-list] because it will be a 
much better audience than [Mono-devel-list]

Cassio R Eskelsen wrote:

>Rogerio, excuse for my intromission :D
>Another portuguese site: http://www.br-mono.org (running on mono). 
>I utilize this mail to thank to Steve Deobald from www.cityhost.ca for
>the help to host and make possible to run this site on Mono!!!!
>I have create this site to show the capacity of Mono run ASP.NET
>applications, share my little knowlede on Mono, and open space to
>another Brazilian Mono Developers share your skills. The final target
>don't is create a mega-ultra portal, but just give my 0,2 cents to
>Mono evangelization in Brazil.
>Thanks :)
>Cassio Rogério Eskelsen
>(Sorry, my english is very, very bad!! Because that, the site is
>br-mono.org and not en-mono.org :-D )
>On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 11:43:53 -0300, Rogerio Pereira
><rogerio.araujo@gmail.com> wrote:
>>Hi Mono folks,
>>I'm inviting all Mono developers that speak Portuguese to join in our
>>new Mono community (www.simios.org) to share your skills and help the
>>newbies in this platform.
>>Rogério Pereira Araújo
>>Programador / Pesquisador
>>Departamento de desenvolvimento - Divisão de pesquisa tecnológica
>>C&S Computadores e Sistemas Ltda.
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